Thursday, 29 September 2011

Frustrations of Sewing

Happy Autumn. I had to set my quilting project aside to make two Renaissance style peasant shirts for my boyfriend for an SCA event called Great Western War. I don't know when he thought he'd have time to make them but he ran out of time. I think I've never made so many mistakes as I have on this one pattern. I cut the side seam under the serger blade when I lost my grip, I sewed the interfacing to the wrong side of the collar, when I got the underarm seam all sewed up the front of the shirt was 4" shorter than the back. It's a good thing I'm creative because so far I've been able to fix all my blunders. I'm hoping the next shirt takes half the time. And now I have to go re-thread the Serger. My boyfriend just ran out of thread. I told him we needed to make a 'no-sewing after 2 AM rule'. I don't drink but I'm about ready to take it up.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Come Join Me

I hope to start weekly gatherings again soon. A time to relax, work on projects and make new friends. So if you are near Knott's Berry Farm, drop me a note and we'll pick a time and place that works.

Right now I'm making a quilt, knitting a scarf, sewing a peasant shirt and beading a new earring design. I need company! Put on the tea, do some henna, braid each others hair. Let's do it.