Thursday, 22 March 2012

UFO Dessert Night

I'm starting a new series of craft classes and I'm sure most of the time the project won't be able to be done in one session, so I thought I'd start a UFO craft night. In the crafting world, UFO stands for Un-Finish-Object.

So I'm thinking Dairy Queen, Wednesday nights from 6 to 8.  The dining room is open until 9, so if you are not able to get there at 6, it's no biggie. I've been there on week nights and they could use the business.  There isn't a lot of sprawling space, so we'd have to stick to fairly small projects. Plenty of free parking. Both Michael's and Joann's are fairly close. If you want to RSVP, leave a message below or email me at queenofdreams at gmail dot com. Thanks.

Dairy Queen It's the one near Beach and Lincoln in Anaheim (near Knott's Berry Farm).
3060 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801

First gathering will be 3/28/2012. It's free, but be a good neighbor and patronize the restaurant, even if it's just an ice cream cone. Blizzards are on sale until the end of March.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Quilt Show in Glendale Right Now

My friend Bjo entered her quilts in the Glendale quilt show. I wish I'd gotten out there to see them, but I don't have a vehicle to call my own right now. It poured on Sat. and we worked on Sunday, so there was no way to get to Glendale. I know she was sad that more people she knew didn't come. I believe the show is up for 15 more days though.If you are in the area, pop on over. I'm sure she is in the show program. Just look up Bjo Trimble if you want to see her quilts.

She said it's $9 to get in.

Speaking of quilts, I went to a used bookstore in that little strip mall by Orange County Archery and Prehistoric Pets. I noticed they have quite a lot of books on quilting, embroidery, knitting, and crafts in general. I bought a craft encyclopedia for $10 and a history of Appalachian basketmakers for $6.00. That shot my budget right there, but I could have easily come home with a truckload of books if money was no object. I thought I'd save some for you guys though.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Name Change

When I made the new banner, I decided to change the Guild name. I deleted 'Patchwork' and changed it to 'Printmaking'. Patchwork is sewing after all, and we already had sewing.